Our bacon is the bomb.

And it's not as unhealthy, either!

We have the hookups

We have relationships with the best bacon makers out there. In a given month you might get some bacon from a bigger (but very respected) brand like Nuekse’s right along side bacon from a small, family-run farm in Nowheresville, Vermont, where every pig has a first name.

Whatever you get, it will be awesome.

We offer true variety

The other bacon clubs out there offer different variations on their own bacon. For months, they'll give you the same stuff with different rubs on it.

We are the only bacon club that features a variety of diverse bacon makers, from across the country, to really help you Taste the Bacon Rainbow™.

Our bacon is better.

We're always defending bacon. Here's why...

Bacon sometimes gets a bad rap in the healthy-food community because it can contain fat and can be made in strange, shady ways, but there’s a bit more to the story. Let us explain.

Fat isn’t bad. In fact, you need it. Eating too much fat is bad. Yes, bacon contains fat. So, if you’re counting calories, don’t eat the stuff all the time. No big deal.

If you’re still terrified of fat, we invite you to go enjoy a glass of birdseed. But come on, live a little…

Lots of big meat manufacturers can use strange preservation techniques and use liquid smoke to make their bacon taste more 'real'. We only feature bacon that really is real, was made 'the hard way', usually in smaller quantities and often on family farms. We promise to send out good, honest bacon.