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Being a Bacon Buff is simply awesome

So, what's in the box?

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Get the most amazing bacon.

Each month your Bacon of the Month Club shipment will feature the most artisanal bacon makers from around the country making the best, honest bacon today. This is not the stuff you can easily find at your supermarket. It will be the most fantastical, deliciousy bacon imaginable. It’s so good, we’re making up words.

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Take your bacon to the next level.

Bacon is delicious on its own, but we help you take it to the next level with creative, simple recipes teaching you to do new things with your bacon. Our recipes are delicious enough to make your friends jealous, but gourmet enough to impress your mom!

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Do you like cool stuff?

Being in our Bacon of the Month Club is about more than just the bacon. Each month you can expect a few extra treats along with some super-excellent bacon. Watch out for your first shipment which will have some super cool freebies from the Bacon Buff Team!

Get solid deals on bacon and more!

Apart from the bacon that you receive monthly from us, we’ll give you deals to get more high quality meats, sauces, rubs and more. If you love bacon and high quality specialty meats, we want to make sure our members can get it easily and at a good price.

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